The UNRWA welcomes die Resumption of US aid for die Palestinians

The United Nations Relief Agency (UNRWA) welcomed Thursday By declaring Washington to help die Agency resumeEmphasize that this step comes at a “critical time” coinciding with addressing the challenges posed by Covid-19.

In a statement, UNRWA Commissioner General Philip Lazzarini expressed his thanks for die Resumption of support for die Agency off, die has been suspended since 2018, stressing that “the United States contribution comes at a critical time, at a time when in which we are continuing “to face the challenges of the corona pandemic.”

“UNRWA couldn’t be happier as we will again work with the United States to provide vital relief to some of the most vulnerable refugees in the Middle East and to fulfill our mission to educate millions of refugees and provide basic health care every day. ” ” he said.

He pointed out that “no other institution does what die UNRWA does “, and stressed the agency’s commitment,”die Protect the safety, health and future of the millions of refugees it serves “.

Founded in 1949, UNRWA operates schools and caters to more than five million Palestinian refugees in the region’s health services and financial support.

Washington announced on Wednesday die Resumption of help for die Palestinians at, die Had been suspended during former President Donald Trump’s tenure to reach $ 235 million.

President Joe Biden’s administration said die United States would die Support UNRWA again with a contribution of 150 million US dollars. The United States will also provide $ 75 million in economic and development aid to the West Bank and Gaza Strip and $ 10 million in peacebuilding efforts.

The Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi welcomed the meeting in an explanation die Washington resumed support for UNRWA, stressing that it was “an important positive step”. He added that its impact “increased significantly die Ability of the agency will be die to meet the humanitarian, educational and health needs of refugees, in particular in this time, in of the die Corona pandemic has exacerbated the financial pressure on them “.

He pointed out that die American support would help the agency “overcome its financial crisis and help more than five million Palestinian refugees in To offer vital services such as education, health services and relief measures to their five areas of operation “.

In the past relied on die UNRWA on die United States, as its largest donor, is in deficit, however, as former US President Donald Trump closed its funding in 2018 on the pretext of the need to relocate refugees, in a large part of which has lived, has ceased camps for generations.

The agency said that due to COVID-19 and the difficulties faced by the Palestinians, their needs die in war-torn Syria, Lebanon and in Jordan live, rise.

UNRWA confirms that it is in the year 2021 has entered and is in a deficit of $ 75 million year over year and expects its annual deficit in will reach $ 200 million this year.

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