The unveiling of season 15 of Andy Cohen on the RHOC would have had the nervous cast to be fired

According to a new insider report, the actors of Real Housewives of Orange County are quite nervous since their boss, Andy Cohen revealed that there would be a redesign of the show! Now the ladies would be afraid of being fired.

RHOC is the very first of the Real Housewives franchise launched by Andy no less than 14 seasons ago and two of the Olympic Games, Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Barney are still part of the distribution today.

However, while on Sirius XM’s Jeff Lewis Live, Cohen shared that season 15 should have some major changes.

Hearing this, the actors are apparently worried that it means they no longer appear in the series for them.

A source told HollywoodLife that “Andy’s comments made them all nervous and they were told some time ago that a cast overhaul was coming. All the ladies [from “RHOC”] say they are sure they will come back, but no one is sure. They will be informed in a few weeks, but no one yet knows who is and who came out. “

They went on to say that “ The reunion has just ended, so this will be reviewed in the New Year, but they are still interviewing new women and they have an eye on a couple, it is still too early to say what is going on. happening exactly. Everyone is just waiting for some of the ladies to be asked to film things in their lives here and there from the officially wrapped shoot just in case they are returned to them. “

Do you think RHOC stars have reason to worry about losing their place on the show or not?


Who should be fired if one of the cast members leaves?

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