The Urgent Need for International Intervention to Stop Crimes Against Palestinian Civilians

The Urgent Need for International Intervention to Stop Crimes Against Palestinian Civilians

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has issued a statement calling for immediate international intervention to halt the atrocities committed by the occupation forces and settler militias against Palestinian civilians. The Foreign Ministry emphasizes the importance of recognizing the plans of individuals such as Ben Gvir and Smotrich, as well as the expansionist settler societies, infamous for their racist ideologies and acts of terrorism in the occupied West Bank. Furthermore, the ministry urges the international community to take necessary measures and exert pressure on the occupying state to cease these acts of violence without delay.

Condemnation of Israel’s Devastating War on Gaza Strip

In the past 23 days, Israel has been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip, resulting in the loss of numerous innocent lives and causing severe injuries among civilians. The aggression has also extended the scope of destruction, aimed at obliterating any semblance of normal life in the Gaza Strip. It appears to be a comprehensive and relentless onslaught, with the intention of displacing more than two million Palestinians residing in the territory and subjecting them to unimaginable horrors. These acts can only be described as forms of genocide, facilitated by the formidable killing machinery of the Israeli army.

Condemnation of Settlers’ Invasion of the Occupied West Bank

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry expresses its strong condemnation of the illegal and unwarranted invasion of the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem, by Israeli settlers. Recently, over 250 citizens in the village of Zanuta, located south of Hebron, were forcibly expelled from their homes and lands. Such acts of aggression are continually perpetrated under the protection of the Israeli occupation army, further exacerbating the suffering experienced by Palestinian civilians.

International Failure to Halt the War on Gaza Strip

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry laments the ongoing failure of the international community to put an end to the war on the Gaza Strip and ensure the fulfillment of all humanitarian needs for Palestinian citizens. The continuation of this conflict leaves innocent lives in peril and denies the basic rights and necessities required for a dignified existence.

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