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The US B-1B bomber joins the exercises in South Korea

A US B-1B strategic bomber will take part in the joint air exercises in course with South Korea on Saturday in a show of strength after North Korea’s missile launches, a defense ministry official in Seoul told AFP.

“The B-1B (bomber) is expected to participate in the exercises in the afternoon,” the official said, without elaborating.

Seoul and Washington have extended their joint air exercises until Saturday in response to North Korean missile launches.

Pyongyang apparently failed to launch an ICBM on Thursday morning.

The US-South Korean military exercises are among the largest ever and the two sides are deploying hundreds of fighters.

Pyongyang considered the extension of the exercises “a very dangerous and bad option”.

On Wednesday, Pyongyang described the so-called “Vigilant Storm” exercises as “provocative and hostile”, threatening Seoul and Washington with “the highest price in history”.

North Korea sees military exercises between the United States and South Korea as exercises to invade its territory or overthrow its regime.

In September, North Korea made changes to its nuclear doctrine that allow it to carry out pre-emptive strikes in Case of existential threat to the Kim Jong Un regime.

The new doctrine states that if North Korea’s nuclear “command and control system” is “at risk of attack by hostile forces, a nuclear strike will be launched automatically and immediately.”

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