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The US House approves $ 40 billion in aid to Ukraine


The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday approved massive $ 40 billion aid to Ukraine, a move that comes after President Joe Biden warned that funds to help Kiev deal with Russian military operations are likely to run out by. few days.

The House of Representatives approved with 368 votes against 57 this massive package of military, humanitarian and economic aid, the details of which have been agreed in advance by the two sides, thus moving the ball to the Senate court, which is expected to approve it by the end of this. week or next week.

The Senate must follow the House’s example and approve this text for President Joe Biden to sign.

The Senate is expected to vote on the text by the end of this week or next week.

Hours before the approval of the text, the Speaker of the Democratic Chamber Nancy Pelosi said that “through this aid program, America is sending a signal to the world of our firm determination to support the victory of the brave Ukrainian people” over Russia.

The money will allow Ukraine to purchase armored vehicles, strengthen its anti-aircraft defenses and fight cyber attacks. Billions of dollars will be allocated from this assistance to ensure “the continuity of Ukraine’s democratic institutions” as well as to secure significant humanitarian aid.

President Biden asked for a massive one weeks ago budget $ 33 billion to help Ukraine.

But on Monday evening, congressional leaders from both sides agreed to give Ukraine $ 40 billion, equivalent to Cameroon’s GDP in 2020.

“The swift passage of this emergency funding is essential to help the Ukrainian people in their fight against Putin,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Tuesday.

Schumer also reminded his colleagues of the “moral” obligation of the United States to support our “friends.” in Ukraine”.

These measures enjoy broad bipartisan support, which is unusual in a Congress largely accustomed to political disagreements.

In a statement Monday, Biden urged Congress to vote “immediately” on this funding. in one moment in to which the administration points out that the approval of this huge financial package is urgent.

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