The US is developing a new nuclear submarine for its army

Military website Armstrade reported that the United States has begun developing a new Virginia-class submarine for its fleet.

A message on the site says: “A ceremony was recently held at the shipyard of the American company Huntington Ingalls Industries, dedicated to the launching of new parts of the Virginia-class nuclear submarine for the country’s army.”

The publication added: “The SN-800 Arkansas is the 27th submarine under development for the US Navy. To date, the US Army has received 21 submarines of this type, which were developed in collaboration between two General Dynamics Electric companies. Boat and HII Newport News Sh.”

According to available information, the new submarine belongs to a modified Block IV class, which differs from the traditional Virginia submarines in that it is more able to hide from radar and requires less maintenance.

The new submarine will have a length of 115 meters and a displacement equivalent to 7800 tons, it will also be able to carry a crew of 134 people, move at a speed of 34 knots and dive to a depth of 500 meters. water surface 533 mm.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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