The US is developing a new type of naval destroyer for its army

USNI News reported that the United States is working on a project to develop a new type of destroyer for its Navy.

And a post on the site said: “The US Navy has signed contracts with (HII) and (BIW) to develop a new generation of guided missile destroyers, which will be known as DDG(X).”

“We will continue to go our own way with industry partners and this is a good opportunity for us to apply the best practices and innovations of our engineering team to the design of such an important ship for the US Navy,” said Carrie Wilkinson, President of HII. .

BIW President Chuck Krogh said: “To build the new ship, our company will draw on design and engineering expertise currently used in the U.S. Arleigh Burke-class destroyer program.”

It is assumed that in the future the destroyers DDG (X) will replace the American destroyers Arleigh Burke and missile cruisers of the Ticonderoga type.

The US Navy has previously said that DDG(X) ships will receive weapons systems similar to those supplied to the Arleigh Burke destroyers, and may also be equipped with advanced laser weapons.

Source: Weapons of Russia