The US Navy will receive an advanced warship

Military website Armstrade announced that the US Navy has acquired a new advanced warship.

Austal USA recently delivered the LCS-32 (Santa Barbara) to the US Navy and the ship has a distinctive hull design that helps it move at high speeds.

The site states that the Santa Barbara is the 16th ship that Austal USA is building for the US Army and the 32nd ship in the US LCS ship project.

Work on the manufacture of this ship began in October 2020, and it was launched for the first time last autumn.

Each LCS is approximately 127.4 meters long, 31.6 meters wide, displaces 2,787 tons, has the ability to sail at 47 knots and travel 4,300 miles on each mission. and can be relied upon as a support ship in naval mine-destroying operations, AND as a warship capable of fighting hostile naval targets in the seas and near coastal areas.

This ship is armed with 57-mm cannons, 12.7-mm machine guns, anti-missile systems against sea, air and ground targets, and is also capable of transporting two MH-60R / S helicopters and MQ-8 drones.

Source: Weapons of Russia