The US Secretary of Defense is visiting Afghanistan at the end of his Asia tour

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is on an unannounced visit to the Afghan capital Kabul and will meet senior Afghan officials at the end of his tour of Asia.

Austin’s visit to Kabul comes at a time when the United States is reviewing the Doha agreement with the “Taliban” organization and at the same time putting all options up for discussion, particularly with regard to the May 1 withdrawal deadline next year. according to the newspaper “Tolo News”. Afghan.

The American “NBC News” reported last week that US President Joe Biden is considering keeping the American forces in Afghanistan until next November instead of withdrawing them by the May 1st deadline set in the Doha Agreement.

In recent talks with members of his national security team, Biden resisted efforts by the Department of Defense to keep U.S. forces in Afghanistan beyond May 1, but was convinced to reconsider the six-month extension.

Austin visited India last Friday, where he and his Indian counterpart discussed expanding their military involvement and the fact that his country is one of the largest arms sellers in India. This confirms the strengthening of defense ties between the two countries, concerned about China’s increasing influence in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Austin’s visit to India marks the first of a prominent member of the Biden government as part of efforts to form a coalition of countries to counter China’s influence in the region.

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