The US State Department replies to Lavrov: His words are fiction and lies

US State Department regional spokesman Samuel Warburg felt that Russian President Vladimir Putin has the ability and ability to stop the military operation in Ukraine.

Warburg said in exclusive statements to Al-Arabiya that “no country has the right to invade another country and change its borders by force,” as he said.

He also added: “We are ready to defend all NATO countries”, underlining that “NATO is a defensive alliance that has not invaded or interfered with Russia”.

He stressed that “the impact of sanctions will worsen over time on the Russian economy”.

While he saw that “the words of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov are full of fantasy and lies”.

“Russia used the most biological weapons in the world,” Warberg said.

While he stressed: “We agree with Russia not to use nuclear weapons”.

To this, he added: “We reject Lavrov’s accusations that we are using aid as a weapon of pressure.”

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