The video captures a “terrible crash” of a plane landing at Miami airport

Three people were injured when a plane partially crashed and caught fire while landing at Miami Airport, Florida, USA.

More than 130 people were on board the plane from the Dominican Republic, including 11 crew members, when the accident occurred at Miami airport.

The crew did not report any problems, but when the plane began to descend onto the tarmac, its wheels broke, making the landing catastrophic.

The footage showed the flames being ignited in the plane, which had been traveling for a period of time without wheels, and rescue teams quickly rushed to the plane to evacuate the passengers and put out the flames.

“I thought I was going to die,” said one of the passengers, Paulo Garcia, “it was terrifying.”

A state of terror prevailed among the passengers as a result of the repeated collision of the plane, which was traveling on the runway without wheels, which caused serious damage to the plane.

The US Federal Aviation Administration said the aircraft’s wheels broke.