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The wave of flight cancellations is exacerbating . What are the airlines doing?


Airlines continue to cancel and delay flights by the thousands as their operations struggle with the countless workers who contracted the coronavirus during the holiday season and New Year celebrations.

Airlines canceled more than 1,620 flights as of Thursday afternoon and delayed more than 1,350 flights nationwide, according to the site. web FlightAware flight tracking.

At the same time, US airlines canceled a total of 1,790 flights and postponed 6,097 flights last Wednesday.

Southwest Airlines also canceled approximately 562 flights, or roughly 18% of its total schedule, as of Thursday noon, leading the American airlines with the most flight cancellations in recent days.

At the same time, data indicates that United Airlines canceled about 227 flights, equivalent to about 11% of its schedule on Thursday.

Currently, the airline offers pilots who receive additional flights up to three times their normal salary through the end of the month.

The airlines said they are doing their best to accommodate passengers in the face of widespread problems. Several flights have previously been canceled to allow passengers as much notice as possible. All airlines say they are doing their best to hire the necessary staff in so as not to incur in problems in future.

But these wide-ranging challenges are becoming more frequent, with airline employees complaining that they are being challenged by the harsh working conditions that the novel “Omicron” coronavirus has left recently in the travel industry.

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