The wealth and die Supporting the regime for terrorism …

The Democratic and Republican MPs tabled a bill in the U.S. Congress aimed at die Uncover sources of wealth for the Iranian regime in the face of US and international sanctions imposed on it.

Republican Representative French Hill and his Democratic colleague L. Lawson said they wanted to introduce the law at a time in of “Iranians are calling for economic reforms and Iranian officials are calling for terrorism in finance the region and ignore Iranian citizens, die suffer from the tyrannical dictatorship of Tehran. “Regime.”

The two lawmakers also stated that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s net worth was more than $ 95 billion, making it easier to take control of Iran in a time to keep in it is said that his people suffer from food, water and fuel shortages in one today, saturday, in report published by Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper.

The MPs added that die Disclosure of the above funds also details Tehran’s support for its deputies in the region, from “Hamas” to “Hezbollah”, armed elements in Syria and terrorist groups in Iraq and Yemen, would reveal.

Money laundering

The bill, titled “Iranian Officials Accountability Act of 2021 “committed die US government to disclose all information it has about the assets that Iranian regime officials have amassed through money laundering and other illegal channels and practices, and “through” die the regime in Tehran has continued to operate despite the collapse of the Iranian economy under the weight of US sanctions.

The wealth and die Supporting the regime for terrorism …

Senator French Hill (AP)

The bill also requires the US Treasury Department to release its intelligence information in order to die expose corrupt practices of Iranian leaders in order to die control over die Obtain funding resources, die use them to support and finance terrorism.

60 days notice for die Biden administration

Lawmakers said the proposed bill would help Congress put new sanctions against it die illegal financial networks of Iran and die Bid farewell to money-handling banks from officials, as well as expose Iranian officials, die relied on devious means to circumvent the sanctions regime.

According to the draft text, must die Biden Administration report to Congress no later than 60 days after their approval, in which the approximate value of the funds for the Iranian regime and die Financial institutions, die cooperate with the Iranian government is listed.

Hezbollah members (associated press)

Hezbollah members (associated press)

He also mentions a detailed report on the assets of 20 Iranian officials, in particular the Supreme Leader, the Iranian President, the members of the Shura Council, the Minister of Intelligence and Security, the leaders of the Revolutionary Guards in all of their branches as well die Leader of the Iran-backed militias.

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