The wealth of the residents in an Arab city goes up by 39 billion dollars in one year

Dubai recorded an increase in the value of personal wealth owned by its residents by 143 billion dirhams (39 billion dollars) in just one year, from the end of June 2020 to the end of June 2021, according to supplementary data published by the South African Society, New World Wealth, specialized in wealth studies. , for its report on the tallest cities in the world in terms of the total value of personal wealth among its residents in 2021.

Dubai outperformed the cities of the Middle East and North Africa in the personal wealth of its residents and was ranked 29th globally, with a total personal wealth of 1.94 trillion dirhams ($ 530 billion) as of the end of June. 2021, according to the report.

And “New World Wealth” added in supplementary data that the increase in personal wealth in Dubai to nearly two trillion dirhams was achieved thanks to its successful handling of the “Covid-19” crisis, which led to a huge increase in its appeal to the rich since the outbreak of the pandemic, according to the newspaper Al Bayan.

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