The White House: face mask to protect American data

The White House has said that all companies, including those that own sites for social networkshould take steps to protect Americans’ data on the Internet, inviting Twitter owner Elon Musk to explain how to protect Americans’ data.

The Washington Post quoted sources within Twitter as saying the site has found itself in a critical situation, amid questions about its ability to continue functioning.

The newspaper confirmed that “Twitter” saw hundreds of resignations after Elon Musk asked employees to increase working hours.

Among those who resigned were prominent engineers, who threatened the platform’s work, as the site’s sensitive systems were exposed to problems in following the resignation.

And the “Washington Post” has confirmed that politicians, governments and embassies are preparing for the worst in case of temporary failure of “Twitter”.

In this context, Elon Musk has launched a Twitter poll asking users to vote on the reactivation of former US President Donald Trump’s account on the platform.

Musk also announced hours ago that a number of controversial accounts had been reinstated, including that of comedian Cathy Griffin.

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