The White House: impose more sanctions on the energy sector and on wealthy Russians

The White House announced today, Sunday, that “the Group of Seven and all its members have pledged today to ban or phase out Russian oil imports.”

The White House said in a statement that this decision “would deal a severe blow to the main artery feeding Putin’s economy and deprive him of the revenue he needs to finance his war.”

The White House has stated that the Group of Seven will impose new sanctions on Russia and there will be heavy costs for Putin’s war on Ukraine.

“Our unprecedented sanctions are already inflicting heavy economic losses on Russia,” the White House said.

The White House referred to the ban on the export and import of industrial and agricultural devices from Russia, as well as banning consulting firms from dealing with Russia, as well as imposing sanctions on media and to Russian banking institutions.

It also includes the imposition of further sanctions on the energy sector and on wealthy Russians.

The Group of Seven stressed that it will not impose sanctions on food exports from Russia that would affect consumers.

The group called on Russia to lift the embargo on Ukrainian agricultural products and facilitate their access abroad.

The White House has also decided to impose sanctions on 3 of the most followed Russian TV stations.

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