The White House intends to ease travel restrictions in the United States

The White House has announced its plans to ease travel restrictions in the United States, despite concerns about the Corona virus outbreak.

The United States has been adamant in not lifting the Crown restrictions imposed on travel overseas or the entry of foreign travelers due to the spread of the “Delta” strain.

At the end of last month, the governments of the European Union agreed, On removing the United States and five other countries from Etihad’s travel list This means that visitors to those countries are likely to face stricter restrictions such as screening and quarantine procedures.

The other five countries are Kosovo, Israel, Montenegro, Lebanon and North Macedonia.

The list seeks to standardize travel rules in the whole of the European Union, although it is not binding on individual countries which are free to decide their own border policies.

On the other hand, the French tourism sector has enjoyed a successful summer season, despite the challenges of the Corona epidemic, with people living in France who prefer to spend their holidays locally than travel abroad.

Nine out of 10 French holidaymakers spent their summer holidays in France questyear and hotel owners announced a 47% increase in revenue over summer 2020.

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