The White House: US supply chain bottlenecks have eased

The White House has announced that the problem of stifling production chains has begun to decline in America with the circulation of more goods and merchandise than before.

He stressed the importance of the need for more work to ensure fair competition in the global maritime sector, which is dominated by 3 shipping alliances.

The National Economic Council of the White House said in a new post on the blog that the Federal Maritime Commission, an independent agency, is already investigating excessive shipping charges, but should take in consider using other tools, including comparing with shipping alliances if they cause unreasonable costs or delays.

He also urged Congress to enact legislation to give the commission more tools to oversee the global shipping industry, including by increasing transparency about the fares carriers charge their customers.

President Joe Biden’s administration is racing against time to address supply chain problems that emerged following a stronger-than-expected recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, increasing product shortages and rising inflation.

The focus has primarily been on US ports, which were inundated with freight due to the massive shift in consumer spending during the pandemic, from travel and catering to material goods.

The pandemic has also reduced the number of workers needed to keep the flow of goods smoothly. Older truckers retired early as infection control measures restrict loading, unloading, and warehouse workers.

The White House said the new data showed continued improvement as containers imported into the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and California established a record from January to October, and retail stocks have increased 4% since 2020 and their availability in stores has been 90%, which is less than one percent below pre-pandemic levels.

“The good news is that we are moving more merchandise than ever, and we are seeing that retail stores are full and ports are moving faster,” a senior White House official said. “That means it’s going to be a normal holiday season for Americans.”

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