The Wolf of Wall Street Parents Guide: Understanding the Movie’s R Rating

Understanding the Mature Rating of “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Margot Robbie has become a household name, but it was her role in the 2013 black comedy The Wolf of Wall Street that propelled her to fame. The film, which is available for streaming on Netflix, boasts an all-star cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Jon Bernthal, Matthew McConaughey, Cristin Milioti, Christine Ebersole, Kyle Chandler, and Rob Reiner. However, before you dive into this biographical movie, it’s important to note that it carries an R rating. You may be curious as to what factors contribute to this rating, so let’s explore further.

The Wolf of Wall Street tells the story of Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker who defrauded investors out of millions of dollars. Robbie plays the role of Naomi Lapaglia, Belfort’s wife. The movie contains graphic depictions of drug use, sexual content, and strong language throughout. It’s a realistic portrayal of the excess and debauchery that occurred during Belfort’s rise to power. While it’s a captivating and entertaining film, it’s not suitable for all audiences.

1. Strong Sexual Content and Graphic Nudity

The movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, is rated as mature due to its explicit sexual content and scenes featuring nudity. The film depicts intimate relationships and adult themes throughout, which may not be appropriate for younger audiences. The movie portrays the world of finance in a raw and unfiltered manner, depicting the dark side of the industry and the consequences of living a life of excess. It is important to note that the sexual content and nudity in the movie are not gratuitous, but serve a purpose in highlighting the themes and character development. Therefore, discretion is advised for viewers who may find such content objectionable.

2. Drug Use

In addition to its other themes, the film also portrays drug use, with characters engaging in the excessive consumption of substances such as cocaine. This element, along with its potential impact on viewers, contributes significantly to the movie’s mature content classification, making it suitable only for a more mature audience. The depiction of drug use in the film is explicit and may be disturbing to some viewers, and its presence is a significant factor in the rating given to the movie.

3. Language

The script of The Wolf of Wall Street is laced with profanity and strong language. It highlights the raw and unfiltered nature of the characters and the environments they inhabit.

4. Violence

The Wolf of Wall Street is a black comedy crime film that delves into the corrupt and fraudulent practices prevalent in Wall Street. Directed by Martin Scorsese, the film is based on a true story and memoir of the same name. It follows the narrative of Jordan Belfort, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio, a stockbroker in New York City who resorts to unethical practices to acquire wealth and power. While the film primarily falls into the black comedy genre, it does include scenes of violence that may be disturbing for some viewers. These instances, while not overtly graphic, contribute to the overall mature rating.

In the United States, films are rated by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) based on their content. The Wolf of Wall Street has been rated as R, which means it is “Restricted.” This implies that individuals under the age of 17 need parental guidance or an accompanying adult to watch it in theaters. If you plan on streaming the film on Netflix, it is advisable to ensure adult supervision if your teenagers wish to view it.

The movie portrays the life of Jordan Belfort, who rises to power in the world of finance by exploiting his clients and bending the rules. His excessive lifestyle, fueled by drugs, sex, and money, eventually draws the attention of regulatory bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The film provides a thought-provoking commentary on the excesses of capitalism and the dark side of the American Dream.

The Wolf of Wall Street is now available for streaming on Netflix.

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