The woman escapes death after pushing the young man in front of the Brussels metro

A Belgian woman survived and a new life was written for her, after she was just around the corner from being run over on the metro tracks in the capital, Brussels.

The cameras of the Brussels Metro have captured a strange incident; Where a stranger pushed a woman onto the subway tracks seconds before the train arrived, causing panic among passengers in feet on the track.

But the lady was very lucky; The subway driver managed to stop at a very short distance from her, perhaps only two meters, according to the video. The driver performed very well, Guy Sablon, a spokesman for the local public transport operator in Brussels, told the Brussels Times. Where he reacted promptly, which helped save the woman from certain death.

Sarah Durant, spokeswoman for the police in Brussels, stressed that the cameras installed in the subway station contributed to the identification of the perpetrator, who pushed the woman in front of the train; And it’s been a few minutes since the accident.