The World Cup preparation trip to the Qatar Foundation’s “Gooles” exhibition

Doha – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Qatar Foundation embodied the journey to host the World Cup through personal experiences told by people of different cultures in Qatar, through a multimedia exhibition entitled “Gooles”. The exhibition, held in Education City, is a platform for community members to share their unique experiences of living, working and studio in Qatar during the period that saw preparations to host the World Cup, and reflects on how football can be a catalyst for change. The storytellers, a diverse group of students, artists and football coaches, shared their experiences through multiple materials, including photography, writing, storytelling and video, presented at Virginia Commonwealth University College of the Arts in Qatar, one of the partners of the Diameter University Foundation. Brooke Reid, director of community engagement and animation at Qatar Foundation Education City, said: “Storytellers are the heart of GOOLZ and it has provided a platform for more than 40 people to share experiences of their lives in Qatar during the preparation to the World Cup. The exhibition, which is open to the public, is also a great opportunity for people to visit Education City during the World Cup.” Mahreen Fadl, participant of the ‘Gooles’ exhibition, said: “The World Cup will carry a strong message that football is for the whole world and that it is a game that unites peoples. There is no us and them in football.” The exhibition “Gooles” was organized in collaboration between the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, the Dazzling Generation Foundation, the Goal Click Initiative and the Sports Creative Initiative, and was sponsored by Salam Stores. Khaled Al-Ghanem, one of the participants, said: “I am confident that people will see that Qatar is a country that values ​​the game. Jude Ghalayini, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, works as an analyst for markets and companies, and is also skilled at writing and reciting poetry, telling the story of his brother Ziad’s influence on his love of football and his hopes for the World Cup in Qatar. As part of the “Gooles” program, Adrienne de Souza, originally from Brazil and based freelance photographer in Qatar, tells its story of growth in a football-loving family and its “Quawia” project, which documents the stories of women in sport in all of Qatar. Marwa Abdallah, a Georgetown student with a bachelor’s degree in international affairs, tells his story of his connection with Egypt through football, the experience of the Arab Football Cup and the impact of an all-out program in Qatar.