The “World Health” publishes an update of the global strategy for vaccination against (Covid-19)

The World Health Organization has published an update of the Global Strategy for Vaccination against COVID-19, in response to the spread of omicron submutants.

The organization has raised global vaccination targets from 70% of the population of all countries in the world to 70% of the total population, plus 100% of health workers, population groups most at risk, seniors over 60 years and those suffering from immunodeficiency by vaccinating them, in initial or booster doses, with the goal of reducing deaths, keeping communities open, and ensuring economies function while transmission continues.

The organization said vaccines saved the lives of around 20 million people during the first year of vaccination (Covid-19), as more than 12 billion doses of the vaccine were administered. in around the world, which has led to the vaccination of about 60% of the population in medianoting that 28 Only 3% of the elderly population and 37% of healthcare workers in low-income countries have so far received primary vaccinations, while 27 countries have not yet initiated booster programs aimed at reducing deaths and serious illness and protecting health systems and economies.