The world holds its breath … Where will die stray chinese missile falling?

The world is eagerly awaiting the fall of the stray Chinese missile, die Fired from the skies of China last Thursday and then soon spiraled out of control in wide space, to have continued around since then die Orbiting earth, but it is expected again on Saturday or tomorrow Sunday in die Enter the earth’s atmosphere. At most, around die Question to stay die all around the world leaves behind. Where will die stray chinese missile falling?

On Friday, China tried die address prevailing concerns The possibility that die Missile falls on the ground at a populated pointWhen they confirmed that this risk is “very small”, it suggests that it is largely in the atmosphere dissolves.

China started last week die first of the three components of his future space station, die “Long March 5B” missile, die most powerful Chinese missile.

It is expected that die first layer of this rocket, die himself still in in Earth orbit will return to a point where it will be difficult to predict their location on Earth during those two days.

The rocket turns over every 90 minutes die Earth it seems Locations, die the way and die Movement of the rocket around die Monitor earth.

And die United States resigned in the past few hours indicated that they would not rule out the missile body in a populated area would fall and said that he would die Follow the situation closely.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said During a press conference on Thursday “According to the latest estimates, die I’ve seen this is likely to happen on the eighth (Saturday) or the ninth (Sunday) of May. “

“We hope it falls somewhere where it won’t harm anyone, in the sea or something, we hope so,” he added.

These statements have fueled fears around the world.

After a long silence among the diplomatic authorities and officials, die for the space sector in China are responsible Beijing made its first comment Friday.

“Because of the technical design of this missile will be die most of their components on return in die Atmosphere burned and destroyed, “said Wang Weinpin, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, during a regular press conference.

He pointed out that “die The possibility of causing aerial activities or damage (to persons, facilities and activities) on the ground is very low. “

Media silence

After this die The station’s space unit had been disconnected began die Rocket, die Orbiting Earth in an irregular path with a gradual decline, thereby creating it It is fast impossible to predict at what point it will in die Atmosphere will arrive Hence where it will fall.

“Long March 5” missile is “large in size and thin in structure,” said an analyst on the “Gu Taikunuts” website, die specializes in the Chinese space program Chen Lan, told AFP.

He pointed out that die Missile “on return in die Atmosphere will disintegrate and pose a relatively weak threat on the ground “.

When parts of the missile after entering in die Atmosphere remain complete, there is a high probability that they will dissolve in the sea, since the planet is 70% water. However, the hypothesis that it fell on a populated area or ship at sea remains valid.

“At the moment we have no plans die Destroy missile, “the US Secretary of Defense said this week, hinting that China had not prepared the launch adequately.

The placement of the first three components of the Chinese space station in the orbit has received high praise from the Chinese media and President Xi Jinping. In the last few days was silent die local press, however fast completely over die Hypotheses that die Missile had fallen.

Moon and mars

This is not the first time China has returned to Earth die Loses control of a spaceship. In April 2018, the Tiangong-1 space laboratory disbanded after two years of inactivity upon his return in die Atmosphere. The Chinese authorities then denied die Having lost control of the laboratory.

China is investing billions of dollars in its space program to Russia and die United States in catch up with this area.

The Asian giant sent the first Chinese citizen into space in 2003. At the beginning of 2019 he set up a vehicle die dark side of the moon, a global precedent.

Last year, Beijing also brought samples from the moon and closed die Working on his satellite navigation system “Beidou” (a competitor of the US “GPS” system).

China plans to in to land a little wheeled robot on Mars in the coming weeks and send human missions to the moon by 2030. It has also announced that it will establish a base on the moon with Russia.

Also die future Chinese space station “Tiangong” (“Heavenly Palace”) will be within ten to fifteen years in orbiting a low earth orbit.

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