The worst credit of Afghanistan. Report: Climate change will aggravate resource depletion and conflict

A vicious cycle linking natural resource depletion to violent conflict may have crossed the point of no return in some parts of the world likely to be exacerbated by climate change, according to a report on Thursday.

The Institute for Economics and pace, a group of experts, said that food insecurity, water scarcity and the impact of natural disasters, as well as significant population growth, are fueling conflict and displacing people to places most vulnerable to these problems.

The institute uses data from the United Nations and other sources to predict which countries and regions are most at risk in its “Record of Environmental Threats “.

The institute’s director for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Serge Straubants, said the report identifies 30 high-risk “hotspots” hosting 1.26 billion people.

This is based on three criteria relating to resource scarcity and five criteria focusing on disasters such as floods, droughts and high temperatures.

The score of Afghanistan in the report is the worst, as it is claimed that the conflict in corso undermined its ability to cope with threats to water and food resources, as well as climate change and alternating floods and droughts.

The report also states that the situation is quite similar in the Sahel and Horn of Africa regions, which have seen conflicts escalate and escalate over the past decade.

“With the tensions already in increase, we can only expect the impact of climate change to exacerbate many of these problems, “he said.

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