The worst of the last 60 years .. UN flood alert in South Sudan

In the worst sweeping floods Southern Sudan Almost 60 years ago, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees announced Tuesday that floods in the African country have affected more than 700,000 people, blaming climate change.

“This country is in the forefront of the climate emergency, where people are victims of a battle they have not chosen, “he said in UNHCR representative made a video call to the United Nations in Geneva in South Sudan, Arafat Jamal, from the capital Juba. .

700 thousand were damaged

Jamal also indicated that around 700,000 people have been affected so far and the number is in increase. However, no data on deaths in recent floods were available.

He also added that the heavy rains of the past few weeks have swept via homes and farmland flooded, forcing families and livestock to seek a safe place in the higher lands.

According to the Commission, the floods affected mainly 4 states and in some areas have been the worst since 1962, with people being able to adapt after 3 years of successive torrents and floods.

Only survive by eating herbs

Jamal also went on to say that some people got stuck and survived only by eating grasses and roots from the ground, while others walked for days to reach an arid area.

He said livestock and crops have declined, including sorghum and millet crops, noting: “The more losses, the more people depend on aid.”

The rains are also expected to continue until the end of the year, and this will increase the number of people in need of assistance, according to UNHCR, which pointed out that the movement of people in higher areas can cause conflicts.

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