The year of earnings and inflation . How was the market harvest in 2021?

The final days of 2021 are witnessing positive developments in the face of Corona and the mutant Omicron, with the United States conceding in license a new antiviral drug from Pfizer, but the whole year will remain in the memory of investors for a long time.

Some of what happened wasn’t surprising, but many of its events broke all expectations and record.

Despite the continuing chapters of the Corona pandemic, supply chain problems and high inflation, the markets have made strong gains due to the huge liquidity central banks have continued to pump out since the start of the pandemic.

The S&P 500 index beat i record in more than 60 sessions, outperforming the European and Asian indices. As for the Chinese stock market, its gains have been limited due to the restrictions we have seen on the private sector and the debt crisis of the real estate firm Evergrande, and the Hong Kong stock exchange has fallen since the beginning of the year.

In currencies, the dollar clearly outperformed other major currencies, with inflation reaching its highest levels in nearly 40 years, fueling market expectations for a rate hike. This negatively affects gold and silver as they are non-interest bearing assets.

As for Bitcoin, despite strong swings and drops in levels record, remained one of the asset more performing in 2021.

In the energy markets, the gas crisis in Europe has pushed prices up at a fantastic pace, and oil has made good gains as demand picks up and “OPEC +” production gradually increased.

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