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The Yemeni army . expelled the Houthis from Bayhan and prepared to liberate Al-Ain

The last few hours in the Yemeni governorate of Shabwa have seen great progress for the Yemeni army and giant brigades, with the liberation of the Bayhan district.

After the Houthi militias were given a 6-hour deadline to withdraw, the Giants’ Brigades announced the end of tale term, thus initiating the third phase of liberation of the governorate, targeting the district of Ain.

A targeted air and ground campaign is expected to begin today, in coordination with the Coalition to Support Legittimacy, against the militias in the Ain district, with the aim of expelling them.

The brigades had confirmed, in the early evening of Friday, the success of the second phase of the Cyclone Al Janoub operation with the liberation of the Bihan district, underlining their full willingness to implement the third phase without delay to free “Ain”.

While the official spokesperson for the armed forces, Brigadier General Abdo Majali, explained, before that, that the army forces and the giants have managed to liberate and restore the city of Al-Olaya, the administrative center of the Bayhan district, and to check the tarmac line connecting Bayhan and Al-Bayda Governorate.

He also added, according to press sources yesterday, that army forces and giants have recovered important sites and areas. in especially the Al-Olaya market, the mountains and surrounding areas.

He also pointed out that the defeats of the Houthis continue, not to mention the flight and the collapse of the ranks of the militias. He claimed that engineering teams have started clearing mines and removing all obstacles and mounds, in preparation for the return of citizens in those liberated areas, emphasizing that there is a great welcome from the residents, anticipating the pioneers of the army and resistance.

It also revealed that a number of militia members were arrested, while groups of militia members fled to Al-Bayda governorate.

Interestingly, these developments on the ground come a week after the Yemeni army and the giants launched a simultaneous campaign on the fronts of Shabwa and Ma’rib governorates, during which they made tangible progress. in both governorates.

In September 2021, the Houthis took control of 3 districts south of Shabwa, including the Asilan district, which was recaptured by legitimate government forces a few days ago, as well as the Bayhan and Ain districts.

While militias have launched a campaign on the oil-rich Marib since last February (2021) to control it, they have made only slight progress, despite the violent attacks on the area, which is teeming with millions of displaced persons.


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