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The Yemeni army is making progress in the Al-Numan district of Al-Bayda

Today, Monday, the Yemeni Army’s Brigade of Giants continues to sift and put in security in the district of Al-Ain, of which it has regained control, while some of its units advanced towards the district of Numan in the governorate of Al-Bayda.

Thus, the entire seventeen districts of Shabwa came under the control of Yemeni legitimacy, while the Houthis retreated to the nearby Al-Bayda Governorate.

This process reflects the extent of the Houthis’ fears that the conflict will shift to the city of Al-Bayda, where observers say they have no popular incubator.

And press sources say that the Giants’ Brigade forces are clearing the mines planted by militias in the area.

Shabwa is the third largest governorate in terms of area of Yemen, in as it is a fundamental governorate of particular importance to the south due to its geographical position in the center of the country. It is a strategic governorate in the south, as it borders Marib, the largest oil province of Yemen, from the north, and from the west, with the governorate of Al-Bayda, which is the heart of Yemeni geography.

And it forms a protective barrier for the eastern governorates of Hadramawt and Al-Mahra.

Interestingly, the restoration of Shabwa is of great military significance, as whoever controls Shabwa controls the most important aspects of Yemen’s geography.


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