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The Yemeni army liberates new locations between Al-Jawf and Saada


On Friday, the Yemeni armed forces liberated new locations in the Burt district north of Al-Jawf governorate, which borders Saada governorate, the main fortress of the Houthi militia in the north of the country.

The Yemeni Army’s media center said units of the National Army armed forces have launched a counter-attack against the Houthi coup militia in the Al-Dahra region of Burat Al-Anan, liberating several locations in the Al-Mutabiq area between the governorates of Al-Jawf and Saada.

He added that the fighting, which lasted more than 6 hours, also resulted in human and material losses among the ranks of the Iran-backed Houthi coup militia.

In a similar context, Yemeni security forces in Marib governorate on Friday seized a terrorist cell linked to the Iran-backed Houthi coup militia and with tools used in the militia’s terrorist activities in the governorate.

Brigadier General Salim Al-Sayaghi, commander of the Special Security Forces in Marib, confirmed that “the security forces were able to control the elements of the criminal Houthi cell on the basis of an operational report from the relevant authorities.”

Al-Sayaghi said: “After the investigation, control and follow-up process, the security forces searched the cave of the cell in one of the squares around the city of Marib and seized high quality medium and light weapons, maps, wireless communication devices and explosive devices that they had owned. “

The security officer said that “the security services have been monitoring and monitoring the cell’s activities for some time to this day, before their terrorist plot against civilians was carried out,” the Yemeni official news agency said in a statement.

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