The Yemeni army monitored 181 cases in 48 hours

The forces of the Yemeni National Army have monitored the Houthi group which in the last two days has committed 181 violations of the UN truce on various combat fronts, distributed among 47 violations on the fronts of the Taiz axis, 40 violations on the Al-Barah axes , west of Taiz and Hais, south of Hodeidah, and 40 violations on the fighting fronts west of Hajjah governorate 31 violations on the southern, western and northwestern fronts of Ma’rib governorate, 12 violations on the Al fronts -Jawf, 9 violations of the Al-Dhalea axis, one violation of the Abyan axis and one violation of the Kataf front in the Saada governorate The artillery fronts and various calibers, repositioning operations of mechanisms and armed elements, sending reinforcements in various sites and creation Yemeni National Army forces have also monitored an intense flight of reconnaissance aircraft on multiple fronts in the past 24 hours.

Violations on several fronts

The media center of the Yemeni army said in a statement that the Iranian Houthi militia has continued to violate the UN truce since prime hours of its announcement on various combat fronts, and it even hit civilian objects and gatherings of displaced persons. he claimed that Houthi militias doubled down on site-building and trench-building operations using road construction mechanisms south and west of Marib and in separate areas of the Hays axis e in Haradh front location west of Hajjah, and the militia continued to send human reinforcements and equipment to the Hodeidah, Marib and Haradh fronts, according to the source.

1924 violations within 21 days

And the Yemeni military had previously announced that the Iranian Houthi militia had committed 1,924 violations of the UN truce within 21 days of its announcement and entry. in force on 4 April, on the fighting fronts in the governorates of Hodeidah, Taiz, Al-Dhalea, Hajjah, Saada, Al-Jawf, Marib, Abyan and Lahj.

A statement released by the center media The Yemeni army says the Houthi violations that were monitored were distributed among 573 violations on the Taiz axis fronts, 406 violations on the Hajjah fronts and 399 violations on the Ma’rib fronts.

It also monitored 330 breaches in Hodeidah, 152 breaches in Al-Jawf, 49 breaches in Al-Dhalea, 9 breaches in Saada, four in Abyan fronts and two breaches in Lahj.

He claimed that violations of the Houthi truce ranged between 967 bullets, 264 with artillery, 305 with reinforcements, 59 operations. offensive and infiltration, 178 with drones and reconnaissance flights and 105 by creating new trenches and fortifications.

20 mine-laying operations

The Yemeni army also documented 20 mine placement operations, 19 sniper creation operations, as well as 7 operations against civilian objects and displaced areas in Hodeidah, Western Taiz and the city of Ma’rib.

The communiqué pointed out that the Houthi militia had deliberately violated the truce from its earliest moments, and still continues to violate it until now, indicating the commitment of government forces to the directives of the political and military leadership, which calls for a complete ceasefire.

In addition, the Yemeni government condemned, in the strongest terms, the continued attacks by the Houthi coup militia against civilians and the violation of the UN truce. A statement released by the Yemeni Ministry of Legal Affairs and Human Rights indicated that the militia Houthi (Tuesday) shot civilians in thearea of Markhezha of Qataba district, west of Al Dhale governorate, which resulted in the killing of Yahya Ali al-Zahari and his brother Suleiman. He considered the continued firing of bullets and bullets by the Houthi militia at the heads of civilians and populated areas as a war crime, pointing out that the continuing danger to the lives of citizens by the militia and the failure to comply with the truce undermine the chances of pace in Yemen.