The Yemeni army stops the Houthi attack south of Ma’rib

Today, Saturday, the Yemeni army stopped a Houthi militia attack on military sites in the southern governorate of Marib.

A military source said members of the Houthi militia fled after many of them were killed or injured, as well as the destruction of their vehicles due to the army’s artillery shelling.

The source added, according to the media center of the Yemeni army, which the army and resistance forces recovered two set of equipment left behind by militia members before they fled.

On the same front, the aircraft of the Coalition to Support Legittimacy targeted militia reinforcements with two raids, as a result of which vehicles were destroyed and everyone on board killed.

The battles coincided with an intense artillery bombardment by army forces targeting militia positions and movements on various fronts, and resulted in the destruction of Houthi military vehicles and the killing and wounding of numerous terrorist elements.

Dozens of the Houthi militia were also killed and wounded in similar battles that took place in several locations on the western front of the Marib Governorate.

In addition, the defenses of the Yemeni army, in the Razih axis in the Saada governorate, shot down an explosive drone launched by the Houthi militiamen towards the areas liberated by the army forces in recent days.

Personnel from the First Service Brigade, Colonel Dhaif Allah Al-Yari, said the militia resorted to launching rallies laden with missiles on the battle line, after receiving painful blows at the hands of army forces and having suffered heavy losses of lives and equipment on the ground.

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