The Yemeni government holds the UN envoy responsible for the “siege of Taiz”

The head of the Yemeni government team that is negotiating the opening of the main roads to Taiz, Abdul Karim Shaiban, accused the Houthis of trying to tamper with and ignore the decision of the UN envoy, Hans Grundberg, to open the roads. and lift the siege of the city of Taiz, while holding the UN envoy responsible for a strong sentence against the Houthis.The armistice is a complete and indivisible package signed by the government and the Houthis, which includes the opening of the streets of Taiz and then the rest of the provinces.

He said the Houthi group insists on his view of opening secondary roads that do not meet the needs of citizens in Yemen’s southwestern Taiz governorate, and explained that the roads the Houthis have been insisting on opening for 150 years are old. , mountainous and bumpy roads, unsuitable for the passage of cars and vehicles, and far from the city and residents of Taiz. He called on the international community to support this decision and to impose sanctions against the Houthi group, as it hinders the armistice.

Al-Houthi rejects the UN proposal

For its part, the Houthi militia formally informed the United Nations envoy in Yemen, Hans Grundberg, of his rejection of the revised proposal he presented at the end of the second round of negotiations that took place in Jordan.

According to the letter sent to the office of the UN envoy by the head of the Houthi Negotiations Committee on the opening of the streets of Taiz, Yahya Al-Razami, the militia said it adheres to its unilateral proposal, presented before the second round of the Amman negotiations and its rejection of Grundberg’s proposal.

The militia renewed its unilateral proposal to open the way in two phases: the first phase involves the opening of the (Salah-Abaar-Al-Sarmin-Al-Dimna-Al-Hawban-Sana’a line) and the Lahj-Aden road (Al -Shariha-Karsh-Al-Rahda- Al-Hawban-Sana’a), while the stage includes the second, fifty-sixteenth street, air defense, the city of light, in change of the opening of the other side of the road to Al-Dhalea (Maris – Damt).