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The Yemeni government takes measures to deal with the designation of the Houthis as a “terrorist group”

Today, Thursday, the Yemeni cabinet said it had adopted a series of enforcement procedures and programs to rebuild ministerial plans to address the new changes in light of the decision to classify the Houthi coup militia as a terrorist group.

A statement released by the council meeting in the temporary capital, Aden, said that the new executive procedures and programs include the reconstruction of ministerial plans to meet the needs of the stage and its political, military, security, economic and humanitarian rights, according to the recent developments, taking into account the continued implementation of the reform path and the improvement of the level of services provided to citizens.

The Yemeni cabinet has also approved the preparation of a strategy according to well thought out mechanisms to ensure that the decision to classify the Houthi militia as a terrorist group does not affect commercial activity, the domestic private sector and the regular flow of food and goods, in so as to preserve the lives and lives of citizens in areas under the control of the terrorist militia.

Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdul-Malik directed the immediate start of the implementation of the approved ministerial plans in compliance with the requirements of the new phase, focusing on completing the restoration of the state and ending the Iranian-backed Houthi coup.

He highlighted the results of his meeting with the European Union mission and the ambassadors of several European Union countries accredited to Yemen, and the clear vision that the international community has in the intransigence of the Houthi militia and its rejection of all efforts. to extend the humanitarian truce and a political solution.

The Yemeni prime minister referred to the government’s firm stance on the efforts of pace under the roof of three references to a locally agreed and internationally supported political solution, and his willingness to renew the truce and accept the UN envoy’s proposal, which was rejected by the Houthi terrorist militia and the target the ports of Al-Dhaba and Al-Nashima in the governorates of Hadramout and Shabwa.

He stressed that the continued threats of the Houthis to national economic structures and civilian infrastructure in Yemen and neighboring countries will be firmly addressed to protect the capabilities of the Yemeni people, international shipping and global energy stability.

It also renewed its appeal to the international community to prevent the Iranian regime’s interference in Yemen’s internal affairs and to force it to implement international resolutions banning the granting of weapons to its terrorist militias in Yemen and to support them with money and media.

The Yemeni cabinet affirmed its willingness to coordinate with Yemeni partners in the fight against terrorism to implement all measures aimed at protecting international shipping.

He praised the high readiness of the armed and security forces and the Yemeni people to complete the restoration of the state and end the Houthi coup, and to stand as an impenetrable dam against the illusions of this terrorist militia and its supporters in Tehran. .

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