TheHunter: Call of the Wild Update 1.69 – Patch Notes on July 25, 2022

A new update has been released for TheHunter: Call of the Wild Update 1.69. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below.TheHunter: Call of the Wild Update 1.69 is now available for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Known Bugs & Issues

❗ If you’re experiencing an issue, even if it is listed on this page, please send us a Support request! The more information we have, the better.

  • [?] = Reported and under investigation/unable to reproduce
  • [N] = Issues reported after the latest update
  • Should be fixed in the next update


  • The Strecker 20G is zeroed incorrectly;
  • When the drilling rifle is first equipped, the rifle ammo is active, but the shotgun iron sight is also active. Switching ammo type once will synchronize the sight and the ammo;
  • [N] Hudzik Muzzleloader both ammo types have the same zeroing;
  • [N] SRP Bighorn Sheep Outpost – Players spawning in the underground when fast travel;
  • [N] The .22LR truncated cone bullet is underpowered;
  • It is possible to run “into” the lake in Rotonui in TAR;
  • Revolvers do not rechamber when firing from the hip;
  • The high-powered scopes are “wobbly” (jittery crosshairs) when holding breath and aiming.


  • Under game Settings, the default settings shown for reflex sight are incorrect.


  • [N] Linxes can run in circles while in a calm state;
  • [N] Flying birds fall into a ragdoll state when wounded (but not killed) in the air, and may despawn if they aren’t slain after they hit the ground;
  • [N] Animals teleporting around while drinking;
  • [N] Trophy scores shown in the UI for various animals (including the Tundra Bean Goose, Capercaillie, and Mallard), may appear higher than they actually are (due to numbers being rounded up when displayed);
  • Various minor art issues.


  • Pumas and mountain lions are not using proper warning calls, only mating calls;
  • [N] Bird calls cannot be heard while they are in flight;
  • [N]Ambient sounds do not attenuate while aiming;
  • Sometimes the sound of the tripod clanking can be heard when looking through scopes/binoculars;
  • Dialogue lines can overlap. This can happen if you quickly complete missions that have unusually long voice dialogues;
  • The tire swing in MAPR is haunted…
  • XBOX – Some players’ games do not play the audio cue for when the CCR warden offers hunting opportunities (tracks). Subtitles are still present;
  • Cacciatore 12g shotgun does not trigger echo when fired from aim but does when fired from the hip.


  • [N] RCR: The Guided Tour mission series may not progress after reaching certain checkpoints;
  • [N] LLR: The mission “Mr. Black” on Layton Lake Reserve spawns the Great One bear;
  • [N] Some targets are obstructed for the mission, “Shot for Shot”;
  • RDAR: Waypoints from the previous mission (Grounded) stay on the HunterMate even if the new mission (A Safe Place) is running;
  • [?] TAR: Some players are unable to complete the mission: “The Battle Of Stonecastle Valley”;
  • TAR: During the mission “Left Behind”, letters from Melanie and Kiri’s mother are left highlighted after interaction;
  • RDAR: Some players are unable to complete the last step of “Fencing Champion”;
  • SRPR: Some players are unable to complete the objective “Investigate the area where Baden dropped her phone” for the mission “Out of Her Comfort Zone”;


  • Chamois are mounted too low on wall plaques;
  • Some animals (lions, gemsbok, wildebeest) manes & tails look glossy/transparent in Trophy lodges;
  • Players who have trophies with legacy scoring in their saved harvests but not yet taxidermied still have those trophies using the legacy scoring system. When these animals get taxed, they will continue to show the legacy score;


Please see this article for crash troubleshooting steps.

  • [N] XBOX Series S: Crashes occur when switching reserves— we do not officially support these consoles at this time;
  • [N] Players can crash while hunting Mountain Goats on SRP;
  • The Crash Reporter tool sometimes fails to send crash reports;
  • Rare crash occurrences on Xbox Series S and Series X— we do not officially support these consoles at this time.


Please see this article for potential troubleshooting tips.

  • Some achievements are not unlocked appropriately. Notable achievements are listed below:
    • Rio Grande Turkeys don’t count towards the achievements, “Gobble Gobble” and, “Thanksgiving!”
    • [?] “Scarecrow”


  • Some lakes have dried up here and there, but the water can still be heard;
  • Codex entries for Vuxa and Dzonga on Vurhonga regarding their sub-regions are reversed;
  • The main outpost of Parque Fernando has a leaky roof. We’re working on patching that up;
  • [N] The Inventory menu may disappear after swapping weapons and leaving the menu via the ESC button;
  • [N] Hunting Dog Command Wheel: “Howl” command is not currently usable;
  • [N] The tripod POI icon is not displayed on all maps;
  • [N] Mission objective text appears truncated for numerous missions across various Reserves;
  • [N] PLAYSTATION: “Focus Shot List” details bleed through the text box in the harvest screen;
  • [N] XBOX: Graphical issues can sometimes occur when looking at duck corpses;
  • [N] PLAYSTATION: Some Trophies are not being unlocked when completed;
  • [N] Certain landmarks, like boat crossings, do not appear on the map after unlocking lookout towers;
  • Weapons float behind the player when changing their ammo while on an ATV;
  • Wind direction arrow for “Windage” perk not rotating in the correct direction;
  • Weird stutter in camera movement when the user pets the dog;
  • The grass on Hirschfelden can sometimes get groovy and start dancing and flickering;
  • The tutorial pop-ups can get “stuck” on the screen for a while;
  • Some windows in MAPR appear black with a VERY bright glow around them;
  • The ground lookouts in Hirschfelden are using the Yukon map as their reserve map.
  • The M1 IWANIEC weapon with the GENZERO 1-4X20 night vision scope causes the scope’s reticle to overlap the end (clips through);
  • [?] In certain areas of reserves it’s possible to “loop” crossing a reserve boundary. This includes having the region prompt pop up and the region crossing music play.

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