There are 15.2 million Jews in the world – Jewish Agency data

There are about 15.2 million Jews scattered around over the world, according to data die Saturday night were unveiled by the Jewish Agency for Israel ahead of Rosh Hashana bring in the Jewish New Year, Walla reported.

About 6,930,000 Jews live in Israel, the data shows, to make up about 45% of the global Jewish population and about 79% of Israel’s population.

The majority of Jews live outside of Israel. From this diaspora population, in the surroundings of six million live in The United States.

Jewish in France population stands at 446,000, making it the third largest after the US on the Jewish Agency‘s data, according to Walla. Next comes Canada with 393,500, UK with 292.000, Argentina with 175,000, Russia with 150,000 and Germany with 118,000.

As for the Muslim world, the country with the largest jewish population is Turkey with 14,500. This is followed by Iran with 9.500, Morocco with 2,000 and Tunisia with 1,000.

There are 15.2 million Jews in the world – Jewish Agency data Hebrew University of Prof. dr. Sergio Della Pergola of Jerusalem. (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

This data, compiled by the Hebrew University, of Prof. dr. Sergio Della Pergola of Jerusalem, includes only die who identify as Jewish and not as any other religious identity, Walla said. if it already die would include who would be identified as Jewish based on qualifying for the law of Israel of Deliver the… In global Jewish population would equal 25.3 million.

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