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There is a Chance that Overwatch 2’s Most Iconic Ultimate Ability will be Changed

A potential problem with one of the heroes in Blizzard’s hero shooter is indicated by an Overwatch 2 player who demonstrates that a well-known ultimate might be broken.

There is a Chance that Overwatch 2's Most Iconic Ultim ate Ability will be Change d_

A player from Overwatch 2 posted a movie demonstrating how Cassidy’s ultimate might be broken, though not in the way that Cassidy mains would prefer. Overwatch 2’s first year has been plagued by various problems that players have reported. One of the most recognizable ultimates in the game might not be functioning as it should, which is a typical occurrence.

Throughout Overwatch 2 Season 3, there has been no shortage of discussion over various game-related topics. The gaming community is renowned for being quite outspoken when criticizing Blizzard’s game and providing frequent criticism to the designers. Although balancing Overwatch 2 is difficult, the developers actively endeavor to deliver the greatest experience with patches that address bugs, glitches, and other problems. The developers may now add a potential issue with one of Overwatch 2’s veteran heroes to the list of issues that keeps expanding.

There is a Chance that Overwatch 2's Most Iconic Ultimate Ability will be Change d_

A Reddit user posted a film of a match where Cassidy was the opponent, and the hero somehow missed the ultimate. The player locates and defeats an opposing D.Va while they are in a rapid play match. Cassidy advances and encounters Soldier:76, an adversary. The player uses the hero’s ultimate, Deadeye, to eliminate the opponent. Unfortunately, this player did not make an amazing play with Deadeye the way Cassidy could. Cassidy misses his ultimate at close range and is eliminated rather than eliminating Soldier: 76.

The video earned over 5,000 likes and numerous comments from viewers related to the player’s “suffering.” They added that the community is aware of and frequently encounters the issue of Cassidy’s ultimate’s inconsistency. The content creator Marblr, who described how Deadeye functions thoroughly, was also mentioned in one of the comments. Marblr demonstrates that, despite its name, Deadeye may miss a lot, despite Cassidy’s grenade’s well-known strength.

Deadeye Can Miss (a lot)

For those who have been playing Blizzard’s game since its release, broken Overwatch 2 ultimates are not unheard of. Certain instances have been so severe that faulty ultimates have allowed some Overwatch 2 heroes to gain strength. Players are still waiting for Blizzard to address the apparent problem with Cassidy’s ultimate, as the company has not yet made a statement.

On PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, Overwatch 2 is currently accessible.


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