“There is a serious danger to my life.” The ISIS bride appeals again

It seems that all attempts by the British “Shamima Begum”, known as the “bride of Isis”, to seek permission from the government of her country have failed.

However, the 22-year-old returned to the prom and announced that she seriously feared for her life if she stayed in the Roj camp in northeastern Syria and appealed to the British prime minister.


In detail, Begum revealed that she and a Dutch woman named Hafida Haddouche became the target of curtain shootings after ditching the hijab and niqab and wearing modern fashion, according to a statement released to the Daily Mail.

The girl explained that after the first fire in their tent, they tried to live normally, but they became in constant fear after the second fire.

He stressed that recent months have increased the severity of suffering compared to recent years.

She also addressed the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, saying that the war on terror is not an individual job and that it needs the cooperation and integration of those who have experience and expertise. in this sense, he affirmed.

She also offered him help to fight terrorism and extremism, hoping they would treat her as a human being and not as a source of threat, according to her claim.

Appeal decisions without merit

Interestingly, 22-year-old Begum left Britain for Syria in February 2015, when she was 15, accompanied by two of her friends, with the aim of joining ISIS.

“There is a serious danger to my life.”  The ISIS bride appeals again
ISIS bride Shamima Begum

She had appealed to Johnson in a previous interview to allow her to return in Great Britain to appear before the court, but the British authorities have decided to withdraw her citizenship without returning.

Interestingly, more than 900 men and women of British nationality joined ISIS.

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