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There is no chance for Africa to beat Corona . except on one condition


In a moment in which the Ministry of Health in South Africa has indicated that the newly emerging corona virus mutation, “Omicron”, has started infecting the elderly and children, warning of the gravity of the situation, according to a report released Monday. that the entire continent has little chance of overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic, unless 70% of its population is vaccinated by the end of 2022.

He noted that the blatant discrimination in vaccine distribution has left the continent in delay.

Encourage mutations

Discovery of the Omicron strain of the Corona virus in the south of the continent has reinforced allegations that low vaccination rates may favor the emergence of viral mutations in able to spread in countries with high vaccination rates.

However, the Mohamed Ibrahim Foundation said in a report on Covid-19 in Africa that only 5 of the continent’s 54 countries are on track to meet the World Health Organization’s goal of fully vaccinating 40% of the population by the end of 2021.

The data of the foundation, set up by the Sudanese telecommunications magnate to support governance and economic development in Africa, showed that one in 15 people in Africa had received vaccinations complete, compared to nearly 70% in wealthy G7 countries.

This is the only option

In turn, Ibrahim, head of the Foundation, explained in a statement that, since the beginning of this crisis, other African voices have warned that the unprotected African continent could become an ideal incubator for mutated viruses, adding that the emergence of the mutant Omicron reminds us that the Covid-19 pandemic still represents a global threat and that the only option is to vaccinate the entire population of the world, as he said.

He also continued that, despite this, there is still blatant discrimination in vaccine distribution since Africa in particular was left behind, according to him.

The continent is in danger

Interestingly, vaccine supplies were in short supply in Africa after developed countries seized initial orders from pharmaceutical companies and the Kovacs global initiative to distribute vaccines started slowly.

The report states that the supplies in Africa have increased in recent months, but weak health systems and infrastructure are hindering the start of vaccination campaigns after the arrival of vaccines.

Travelers from South Africa (Reuters)

He said the pandemic revealed the weakness of civilian registration systems in Africa, as only 10% of deaths on the continent are officially registered.

Weak systems have raised the possibility that vaccination rates will be lower than official statistics show.

The Foundation also called for outdated social safety nets to be strengthened to protect the most vulnerable, noting that spending media in Africa in response measures to the Covid-19 pandemic, outside healthcare, amounted to 2.4% of GDP, less than half of the media global.

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