There is no longer a place to have fun, “Muttrah and nowhere” .. The secret of the resignation of the director of Twitter

The resignation of CEO Jack Dorsey from Twitter management, which was announced two days ago, is still causing widespread controversy, amid questions about the real reason behind it.

Perhaps Dorsey’s departure from the blue bird, another proof that change is inevitably coming, came in the wake of the Facebook name change and a new focus on the metaverse, to show that experts in this field are now watching the greats social network which have been established in the past two decades as old bogged down apps in annoying social problems.

Ambitious founders, investors and tech engineers have long preferred to build something new from zero rather than reviewing existing companies and sites.

So it could be that the board’s conflict with activist investors pushed Dorsey completely out of the race.

In recent years, there has been a decline in public confidence in social media in the United States, with users accusing those companies of abusing personal information and spreading hate speech.

No fun, then, but a new kind of leader

The executives and executives of these mega companies have come to the conclusion that the management of the sites of social media it lost its appeal once it became a job filled with intractable dilemmas of balancing freedom of expression, disinformation, privacy, interoperability, openness, user safety and more.

Observers and industry experts expect Dorsey to continue his career after Twitter, basing his passion on Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the entire web3 / blockchain movement.

As for the large platforms of social media, these aren’t going anywhere, but they may need a new kind of leader, according to axios.

new ideas

Most CTOs prefer to think of new platform ideas and lead the team of developers to make them.

The move came weeks after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced he was changing his company name. in Meta and refocusing his future efforts on virtual reality and augmented reality and on creating a 3D digital dimension for work and play.

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