There star of German football Lothar Matthaus expects an extraordinary football festival in Qatar during the World Cup

Doha: Lothar Matthaus, the former captain of the German national team, expected Qatar to see a bumper football festival when they host the World Cup at the end of questyear, underlining the importance of the convergence of distances in the first edition of the Soccer World Cup in the Arab world and in Middle East. In an interview with the site web of the Supreme Committee, Projects and Legacy, before the release of tickets for the World Cup matches, according to the purchase in based on the order of arrival, starting today, Tuesday, Matthews expressed his aspirations for the next event, and talked about his expectations for the tournament, whose competitions will begin on November 21st. Matthews, who is one of only three players to have participated in five consecutive editions of the World Cup, said: “The Qatar 2022 tournament is the closest in modern World Cup history, which means it won’t require much movement. which is in the interest of the players, in how much time will they have enough time for rest and training, which will conserve their energy and reflect on their performance in field. It will be a different experience for many players, albeit footballers in this moment they are always ready to play in every condition and are well prepared to participate in competitions. “Mateus stressed that organizing the tournament in new regions of the world is very important and said: “I participated in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, where it was the first edition hosted by the African continent, and I also attended the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan. I see that every continent has the right to host the tournament, and I know full well that football is a lot of enthusiasm and popularity here. in Qatar, and everyone is looking forward to this version of the World Cup. I am confident that at the end of quest’year we will witness a wonderful football marriage. ”The German football legend expressed his pride in his career with his country, which lasted twenty years, during which he participated in 25 World Cup matches, and led his country to win its third title in the 1990 Italian edition. A success, but the result of the collaboration of an entire team, it was a lesson in teamwork, in how much was the pinnacle of support from our loyal fans, and the atmosphere of the tournament in Italy and its stadiums were very enthusiastic and impressive. As if time had stood still, then for us it was all about winning the title. It was an unprecedented result, achieved in a football-loving country, which hosts championships, especially since I was playing for Inter at the time. Raising the trophy as team captain was an exceptional achievement that I will never forget ”. On the importance of the World Cup, Matthews said the first thing that comes to him in mind when he thinks of the World Cup is the passion, the passion and the enthusiasm, as well as the opportunities that the game creates for communication and rapprochement. In his competitions, the legend of the German national team was lucky enough to experience the atmosphere of the World Cup as a player, fan and journalist. He added: “I still remember my first tournament as a fan, when I was five during the 1966 edition, and I still see myself jumping enthusiastically as I watch competitions, and when I look back I see great games. great personalities and impressive results that go through my head. The World Cup is a tournament that brings together everything you can think of. “He continued:” The World Cup is a special event, with the best players from the strongest teams. in competition for his title. It’s a title that adorns all your other hits and has a distinctive flavor. It is the culmination of great effort and hard work, in a difficult journey, starting from the moment of qualification to participate in the finals, and then playing in the championship competitions, ending with bringing one’s country to victory and raising in high the most expensive cup, it is a result that is unmatched by any other result in the world of football. “Regarding his participation in five consecutive World Cups, from 1982 to 1998, the former Bayern Munich star said that each version was different from the other, having had his first experience in 1982 when he was still a young player, and only participated in two games, then came his second participation in 1986, where he was a key player in his country’s national team . The 1990 World Cup was a milestone in Matthäus’s career as he led his country to win the title. in Italy in 1990. On his expectations for his country’s performance in the World Cup questyear, Matthaus said: “Of course, the German team is among the favorite for the title, but given the team’s performance in the previous edition of the World Cup and in the European Nations Championship. I hope our team has learned lessons from these negative results. “He added:” I am sure we have a team that we are not afraid to face strong teams like Brazil, Argentina and England, in addition to champion France. in load. We have a good team with great potential that they play in a team spirit with a mix of experienced and young players. Our national team has now understood the need to play as a cohesive team again, which makes it very difficult to face the German national team. ” And the expected first participation of the Qatari national team in the World Cup; There star of German football said: “The last few years have seen a notable improvement in the performance of the Qatar national team, who can beat many teams. The team, who will play in home and in front of thousands of fans, he needs a little luck to get to the second round of the tournament. “At the end of his speech, the German legend stressed the importance of team play and its role in the splendor of the star of any player; Pointing out that the player’s success is tied to the performance of his team, so it is necessary for everyone to play in the spirit of a team, as did the German players in 1990, and said: “No one can forget the legend of the Argentine national team, Maradona, and his performance at the 1986 World Cup, and Matthews in the 1990 version. And Ronaldo with the Brazilian national team in 2002. In every edition of the World Cup, we see a star whose name shines in the football sky and is associated with that year’s edition. At the 2018 World Cup in Russia we saw Mbappé succeeding with the French national team to win the cup that year, or Luka Modric, who reached the final of the same tournament with Croatia ”. (Dpa)