There Will Be No “Full CGI Trailers” for First-Party Games Featured in The Xbox Showcase

Aaron Greenberg, Vice President of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft, gleefully announced on Twitter that no ‘full CGI trailers’ would be used to advertise first-party games during the Xbox Showcase on June 11th.

There Will Be No Full CGI Trailer for First-Party Games Featured in The Xbox Showcase_

In a tweet, Greenberg noted that everything presented in the Xbox Showcase (from a first-party standpoint) will be made up entirely of ‘either in-game video, in-engine footage, or in-game footage with some cinematics.’

Aaron Greenberg promised that everything we see at the Xbox Showcase from first-party developers is (more or less) precisely what we’ll get. This wave of confirmation immediately set the enthusiasm train on fire. It is a departure from the current norm, which sees developers dropping trailers entirely made of computer graphics. This tends to generate excessive expectations for upcoming products, as it has for many years.

Naturally, it is assumed that this in-game and in-engine content will have been captured on high-end personal computers; however, it is another topic of discussion.

There Will Be No Full CGI Trailers for First-Party Games Featured in The Xbox Showcas e_

Greenberg also stated that the 12-month rule detailed during the previous event would no longer affect the Xbox Games Showcase. Xbox committed to the 2022 show that virtually all demonstrated games would be available for purchase within one year. After that point, just a handful of games were released within that window.

The Xbox Games Showcase is scheduled to be released on June 11; the Starfield Direct will take place just after the Xbox Games Showcase.

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