There will soon be no government in Lebanon … and France is asking for European intervention

The meeting between Lebanese President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri on Monday did not lead to an agreement on a new government. Hariri said after the meeting that Aoun had insisted that his political allies get a troubled majority in the government.

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri rejected the Lebanese President Michel Aoun’s paper and considered it to be a violation of the Lebanese Constitution.

Al-Hariri said from Baabda: “At my last meeting today, we agreed to meet, but unfortunately yesterday he sent me a roster containing a deadlocked third place for his team and asked me to fill it.” He added: “My aim is to avoid the collapse of Lebanon. I told the President that I did not consider his message that he sent me yesterday to exist and I informed him that I would have a copy of it will be kept for the date. “

He continued, “The list sent to me by the President is unacceptable because the President-elect” has not worked to fill in papers from one end and because the Prime Minister is the one shaping it and I have my formation placed in his hands a hundred days ago and is ready for change. I gave him a solution at the Home Office, but he insists on the blocking third party. “

A spokesman for the Lebanese presidency later said Aoun was “surprised” by Hariri’s statements and denied that Aoun had insisted on a “blocking third party” in the new government.

And the spokesman said in a statement: “All the words of the Prime Minister-designate … about the President of the Republic, who does not form (government) but issues, are a statement that contravenes the Charter and the Constitution and is unacceptable for His signature on Granting the copyright decree is constructive and not declarative, otherwise the agreement will be rejected. Participation, which is the core of our constitutional system, has disappeared. The disabled third party was never answered by the president. “

The Lebanese waited today, Monday, for the outcome of the eighteenth meeting between Lebanese President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri in the Baabda Palace. Conclusion of negotiations to form a governmentAnd the points reached after their last meeting.

This came at a time when French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said he had asked his counterparts in the European Union to consider ways to help Lebanon, which is facing the worst economic crisis in decades.

“France wants us to discuss the question of Lebanon,” said Le Drian when he arrived at a meeting of the bloc’s foreign ministers.

“The country is nowhere going and divided … When a country collapses, Europe needs to be prepared,” he said, expressing frustration at the failure of efforts to establish a new government in Lebanon.

In this regard, Lebanese press sources reported that Hariri was discussing the formation of the government with MP Ali Hassan Khalil and political advisor to the leader of the Hezbollah militia Hussein al-Khalil in the Wasat House, as the sources indicated that Hariri opposed the Hezbollah militia proposal to form a technopolitical government and Hariri insisted during discussions on the formation of a government of specialists composed of eighteen non-partisan ministers.

According to press sources, Hariri rejected the proposal by Hussein al-Khalil, deputy leader of the Hezbollah militia, to expand the government to include twenty ministers, as the third guarantor of the president of the republic was included.

Press sources added that Hariri viewed Progressive Socialist Party President Walid Jumblatt’s visit to the President of the Republic as a coup during his meeting with delegates from Socialist MP Wael Abu Faour and former Minister Ghazi Aridi.

And Hariri, in response to Lebanese President Michel Aoun’s recent speech calling on him to either form a government or resign, said in a tweet that he was immediately surprised by the televised call to form a government .

He added that if President Aoun is unable to sign the decrees forming a government of impartial specialists, he must tell the Lebanese the real reason that leads him to try to disrupt the will of parliament, who elected the appointed president and who has prevented him for many months from making room for the formation of a government and calls for early presidential elections.

The political class had recently embarked on the line of government formation following the meeting at which President Michel Aoun and President-elect Saad Hariri met in the Republican Palace, where they agreed today on a date that will bring “answers about” is about how to achieve the formation of a government, “said Hariri after the meeting, speaking of an opportunity to compose.

Although the form of the ministerial composition, which ranges from the formation of a government of specialists for a specific task to technopolitical measures that bring the main forces and parties together, is still controversial, it is also controversial for those responsible for the training process on the size the government (18 or 20 ministers) and the distribution of ministerial portfolios by size, but the hidden part of the obstacles that still prevent an agreement on the government, which is their political action program, which is still the subject of discussion and reaction in the scenes of the government court bring the country back to first place.

Faced with these obstacles, Lebanon witnesses protests across the country almost daily, with protesters blocking the streets to denounce the living situation, amid the report’s allegations that the country may be headed for the unknown.

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