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These are the 3 most important objectives for the development of “Al-Jafurah” gas in Saudi Arabia


In an interview with Al-Arabiya, the researcher in energy strategies, Nayef Al-Dandani, has passed in reviews Saudi Arabia’s most important goals from the development of the Al-Jafoura field, which will increase its capacities from unconventional gas reserves, explaining that: The change is not related to the question of withdrawing from reserves world oil.

Al-Dandani said the first of these goals is to meet domestic gas demand by 2030, as the Kingdom aims to have half of its electricity generation from gas and the other half from renewable energy by that year.

The second objective arises in foreground with the ability not to burn half a million barrels of oil which is currently used for electricity, and therefore tale quantity can be pushed towards the petrochemical chain or for export.

The third objective is to support the Kingdom’s commitment to achieving net carbon emissions zero by 2060, as gas is a bridge to these goals.

Al-Dandani added that there are very few success stories in developing unconventional resources outside of North America, and Saudi Arabia will be one of the rare success stories. in this passage.

Interestingly, Saudi Aramco has signed $ 10 billion worth of agreements to develop the Jafurah field, which will cost $ 24 billion to develop and provide 200,000 direct and indirect job opportunities.

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