These are the most important smartphones that will be launched shortly

Smartphone makers are interested in releasing annual versions of their flagship phones. And the next period will include a number of prominent phones from most companies like Apple, Samsung, Google and even Microsoft.

The last few months of each year are usually the most filled with new launches. And 2021 is no exception. In general, every company tries to provide the best of its technologies and features in its new phones, in particularly the flagship phones.

iPhone 13

There is no doubt that all users around the world are waiting for the announcement of new iPhone versions every year. Even users who are not interested in the technical sector find pleasure in this.

Apple is expected to unveil four different versions of the iPhone 13, which differ in terms of price and size. This is with the presence of the “Mini” version, although it has not achieved enough success in the previous year. And Apple focuses on gold as the main color in the new version.

According to recent rumors, iPhone 13 versions will not include major changes. It will include general improvements to specifications and performance.

The new version of Galaxy S

Only a few months left until the presentation of the new generation of Galaxy S phones is a major revelation, especially after we experimented with foldable smartphones in August. This adds to the growing importance of the series in light of the Galaxy Note’s abandonment.

Samsung should primarily focus on cameras in this version. With the introduction of a 200 megapixel camera in the Ultra version. However, this is still not certain.

So far, there are no leaks as to what the Galaxy S22 phones will offer, but the series is expected to provide support for under-screen camera technology, especially after we saw it in the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

The best smartphones of 2021: Pixel 6

The Google Pixel 6 phone is considered one of the most important smartphones of 2021. This is because for the first time it is based on processors developed by Google itself.
This adds to the new design and improved cameras. Perhaps providing the phone with more powerful cameras in light of its excellent image processing capabilities is great news for anyone interested in photography.

Overall, the new Tensor processors are the most distinguishing feature of the series. In addition to the great integration between Pixel phones in general and android system.

Microsoft smartphone: Surface Duo 2

Microsoft’s Surface Duo isn’t a big hit. Although it came with the Android system and presented a new idea for foldable phones.
However, according to rumors and reports, Microsoft is working on a new generation of this phone. There is no doubt that the phone has caught the attention of many in all over the world, but the first version was unsuccessful in terms of sales.

And rumors reveal that the phone supports fifth-generation networks, with the addition of a triple-lens rear camera instead of relying on one camera throughout the phone. This adds to the improvement in the folding experience and overall user experience. But the information on this version remains very little.

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