These are the specifications of the computer “Xiaomi”, a competitor of the computer Apple

The Chinese company “Xiaomi” has revealed its latest smartphone line, “Redmi Note 12”, which includes a phone with a charging time record Without precedents.

The new phone, “Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition” has a huge capacity up to 210 Watt “Hyper charge” and this function is controlled by 3 x 100 Watt fast charging chips, which fully charge the phone’s 4300 mAh battery in just 9 minutes, according to an official statement from “Xiaomi”.

Previously, the shortest charging time for smartphones ranged from 30 to 15 minutes.

The company also revealed the new laptopXiaomi Book Air 13, which was one of the most important new products, which offers many advanced features.

Some sites web they had leaked the specs of the new one computer”Xiaomi Book Air 13″, launched by “Xiaomi” to compete with the computer “Air” offered by Apple.

The computer has a thin structure in aluminum, its thickness is only 12mm, to be the thinnest and lightest phones launched by the company.

The device has a 13.3-inch OLED screen, its dimensions are “16:10”, the resolution of the display is (2880/1800) pixels and the refresh rate is 60 hertz.

It features the latest 12th generation Core-i5 and Core-i7 processors, 16GB LPDDR5 random access memory, 512GB and 1TB SSD internal storage, and will also be equipped with USB-C ports for charging and transferring data.

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