These are the ways in which companies and marketing programs convince you to buy

Have you noticed lately that it’s hard to resist pressure from an icon? shop now or buy now appearing on social media because?

According to Phil Barden’s book Decoded: The Science Behind Why We Buy, global marketing manager, when we see a product, the neurons of the part of the brain responsible for wanting it are activated, but as soon as the price appears, the central part responsible for the sensation of pain is activated.

If the pleasure level exceeds the pain level, the person tends to buy this difference is called equity.

Companies aim to further stimulate the pleasure center in so that the price seems reasonable to the buyer and he presses to buy! as?

The title, the ad text and the description on the package or product are designed to convince us to buy, for example, restaurant dishes with exotic names, stimulate the desire to taste.

Today’s advertisements also focus on product benefits to change the perception of price. For example, instead of only writing 25% fat, write 75% fat-free meat.

Furthermore, the use of red numbers or an asterisk on the price tag leads the buyer to consider the ‘discount’ as well, the greater the distance between the actual price and the promotional price on the tag, the greater the discount seems !!

According to Phil Barden, the author of the book, comparing a product to other higher priced products and offering discounts is one of the most attractive mechanisms for shoppers.

Price also affects the perception of value. Usually a higher price indicates better quality. In an experiment conducted by the author, the same juice was served to a sample of consumers in packs of different prices. Most of the sample agreed that the more expensive juice has a higher taste and quality.

The book also mentions that focusing on a specific goal shows the brand in a better way!

The brand must be associated with a goal that satisfies the customer’s need, which usually revolves around: safety and care of the family, fun and relaxation, excitement and fun, adventure and freedom, independence and success, as well as discipline, order and accuracy .

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