These High Profile Bitcoin Investors Accumulate Ethereum Too

These High Profile Bitcoin Investors Accumulate Ethereum Too 101 Source: Adobe/H _ Ko.

Following strong price gains this year, popular bitcoin (BTC) investors are exposing their growing interest in ethereum (ETH).

The most current example is Garry Tan, Co-founder of venture capital company Initialized Capital, and one of the early investors in significant crypto exchange Coinbase, who tweeted on Sunday that he had “started accumulating ETH again.” At the very same time, nevertheless, Tan worried that his long-term ETH financial investment comes in addition to BTC, and not instead of it, which costs might still drop in the brief-term for investors who would like to pick it up at lower costs.

These High Profile Bitcoin Investors Accumulate Ethereum Too 102

The news that Tan is getting back into ethereum also follows it ended up being understood that the Winklevoss twins, creators of the Gemini crypto exchange, also hold “a material amount” of the second biggest cryptoasset by market capitalization.

You know about the Winklevoss twins’ connection to the social * network.

However did u know they’re whales in crypto’s financial * network?

“We’re big fans of ether. We have a material amount. It’s safe to say, material by any person’s standard.”


— Camila Russo (@CamiRusso) May 22,2020

The twins, who claim Mark Zuckerberg took their concept for Facebook, stated in an interview with The Bold that they are “big fans of ether” which the size of their ETH financial investment is “in the same galaxy” as their bitcoin holdings. In 2013, the Winklevoss twins supposedly invested USD 11 million on bitcoin, back when one BTC was worth around USD120 Today, the very same amount of BTC would be worth practically USD 900 million.

At the time of writing, (13: 26 UTC), ETH trades at USD 237 and is practically the same in a day, however up more than 80% thisyear In contrast, BTC trades at USD 9,562 and is up by over 30% thisyear in the past 12 months, bitcoin advanced by 9.5%, while ether is down by 12%.

ETH price chart

These High Profile Bitcoin Investors Accumulate Ethereum Too 103 Source:

On The Other Hand, more than half of ETH holders are now seeing favorable account balances.

After rising practically 17% over the past 7 days, on- chain analysis from Into the Block now shows growth in the number of holders who have made money on their financial investment. The total belief appears to be bearish today.

These High Profile Bitcoin Investors Accumulate Ethereum Too 104 Source:, Into the Block.

In contrast, 77% of BTC holders are making money today, while the total belief is also bearish.

These High Profile Bitcoin Investors Accumulate Ethereum Too 105 Source:, Into the Block.


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