They ate bread and onions. A newspaper close to Erdogan provokes ridicule and invites the Turks to austerity

Coinciding with the Turkish government’s announcement to raise prices for electricity and natural gas, a pro-president Turkish newspaper Recep Tayyip Erdogan ran a story that sparked widespread controversy in the country after advising its readers to eat. two specific types of food as a result of rising food prices in Turkey on the background of The decline of the local currency against foreign currenciesThis has in fact led to an increase in inflation and a decrease in the purchasing power of citizens.

In detail, the newspaper “Yeni Aket”, which supports the Turkish president, published a piece of news on its official website that contained advice that appeared to be medical, but in in reality it was an appeal to austerity after the high prices of various foodstuffs, as he invited his Turkish readers to eat only bread and onions.

The newspaper also highlighted in the same news the importance of eating bread and onions together, for its medical benefits, according to the text of the news written. in Turkish, which was quickly translated in other languages ​​after becoming a satirical material spread by the pioneers of the sites of social network in Turkey on their personal “Facebook” and Twitter accounts.

Well-known Turkish economist Arinc Yeldan felt that “Turkey is going through a severe currency crisis coupled with extremely excessive inflation,” adding to “Al”: Inflation is likely to continue in the first half of 2022 at an accelerating pace, which asks media supported by the government to publish emotional advice to cover the financial crisis and its repercussions on the country’s population.

For his part, Ghassan Ibrahim, a specialized political analyst in Turkish affairs, said: “Calls for austerity, like the news published by Yeni Aket, show the extent of Erdogan’s failure and the belief of those around him that he cannot save Turkey’s economy, and that is what motivates them. and pushes them to spread the idea of ​​austerity “.

He added to “”that” Erdogan’s supporters are among those calling for austerity, which means that they benefit from the economic and financial crises at the expense of the poor, who are calling for austerity in change of their continuing to obtain benefits from Erdogan’s remaining in power, even if he adopts illogical economic theories.

Ibrahim added that “the Turkish president adopts these theories to save large companies owned by those close to him, and therefore calls for austerity are often launched by media owned by these companies e in all cases reflect Erdogan’s economic failure. “

The advice published by “Yeni Aket”, the second newspaper with “Brotherhood” orientation after the well-known newspaper “Yeni Şafak”, was widely disseminated, since the author of the news was Ali Kara Hasanoglu, who is one of the journalists close to the Turkish president.

The newspaper is also run by Erdogan’s brother-in-law Berat Albayrak, his finance minister who resigned more than a year ago.

Lawmakers from the Republican People’s Party (CHP), the main opposition party in Turkey, they commented on the advice published by the pro-Erdogan newspaper, which is the spokesperson for his government.

“This government, which lives a luxurious life in palaces and is known for its luxurious tables, recommends its people to eat bread and onions,” said Arn Erdam. in a tweet posted on his official Twitter account.

Others also mocked the advice of the newspaper “Yeni Aket”: some of them wrote sarcastically on Twitter, asking about the useful type of onions, while others wrote that they ate bread and onions for a long time because they could not buy meat after his high prices.

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