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They beat him with the butts of their rifles. A young man was killed at the hands of a Houthi leader in Saada

Houthi terrorist militia beat a young man to death with a rifle butt in front of his family in the Majz district of Saada governorate, the militia’s main stronghold, in far northern Yemen.

And human rights sources said the young man, Yahya Hammoush, was killed inside his farm in Saada Governorate, by a Houthi leader with his gunmen.

He explained that the Houthi leader, Ali Silah, and his members stormed the young Hammouche’s farm and proceeded to uproot pomegranate trees in front of its owner, who begged them not to do it in vain.

He indicated that the young Hammush took out his phone to document the crime of assault and destruction of his farm, and the Houthi leader and his gunmen beat him with rifle butts in front of his family until he died.

Interestingly, the Houthi militia has carried out a campaign of kidnapping residents of Majz district and other districts of Saada, under the pretext of opposing its terrorist ideology copied from the Iranian experience, and transferred them in secret detention centers in the governorate and others in Sana’a, according to local sources.

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