They burned clothes and trophies. The women’s soccer team leaves Kabul

It seems that all that is good is leaving Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of it. After the women’s orchestra fled in fleeing and in panic and killing of artists and others, the Afghan women’s soccer team is leaving the country for its safety.

In a panic, the members of the women’s team went individually to Kabul’s Hamid Karzai airport as soon as they heard the news of the movement’s control over the capital, and here began the journey of torment and fear of an unknown fate.

tragic situation

One of the team’s 16-year-old attackers drove to a Taliban checkpoint before reaching the airport amid the sound of gunfire and the screams of children, describing the situation as desperate and tragic, according to the Wall Street Journal.

At the same time, one of the female defenders had reached the perimeter of the airport, while other players had lost their way among the thousands of people trying to break through the main gate of the airport, when one of the porters passed out.

distress messages

The football team was trapped outside the airport as more than 40 messages were sent in a few minutes to former captain Khaleda Popal, who lives thousands of kilometers away in the Swedish capital, Copenhagen, asking her what to do.

Bhopal is the 34-year-old founding member of the Afghanistan Women’s Team, has lived overseas since a gunman shot her ten years ago and is the team’s current program director.

Women’s soccer team (Reuters)

Once a symbol of Afghanistan, the women’s team was trying to save their lives and for six days in a row Bhopal tried to help them.

Bhopal had few acquaintances and no wealthy benefactors, and he began to doubt that he could take the players to the airport.

He said he had lost his temper several times, due to the many messages he received from his players, when he had no way of trying to encourage them to persevere.

horror of the first hour

In the prime hours of the Taliban’s takeover of the capital, more than 30 players rushed to Bhopal for help, telling her they had to leave.

Some of them hid their prizes hanging on the walls of their homes after the Taliban knocked on their doors, while other relatives refused to give them shelter due to the risks involved.

On the way to the airport they were beaten by the Taliban, attacked in crowds, deprived of food, sleep and water for days, and had to make their way through the men trying to escape.

The team’s journey to the airport hadn’t even begun when Bhopal received a video call on August 17 from a 19-year-old midfielder who appeared on-screen with a gun.

Khaleda Popal (AFP)

Khaleda Popal (AFP)

“I prefer death”

“If they (the Taliban) come, I’ll shoot myself in the head,” said the young woman. Then she screamed, “I’d rather die than be captured.”

On the other hand, Bhopal wasn’t sure what to say. Then he recorded another instruction and sent it to all the players: “Burn your shirts.”

Eventually, 86 footballers and their families arrived at the airport. They boarded transport planes for the United Arab Emirates, the starting point of their new life in Australia.

Among those who succeeded were the captain and the unconscious goalkeeper, as well as the 19-year-old midfielder who threatened to shoot himself with his parents and two younger siblings.

Women's Football Team (AFP)

Women’s Football Team (AFP)

Meanwhile, the 16-year-old assailant had to drop off four family members at the airport.

courtyard of the beheading

Interestingly, the former Taliban regime banned women’s sports and relocated the national football stadium to a beheading forum. in public places.

Then, under the leadership of the US military, women’s football began to flourish. In 2002, Afghan teenagers were sneaking out of their homes to organize mini tournaments.

In 2007, Afghanistan had a women’s national team. The following year, the team went in Jordan to participate in an international tournament, where she lost every game with 17 goals because she was not used to playing on grass!

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